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Kiada, Blood Servant System Reborn

genreAction, Romance, Fantasy, Isekai





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Kiada, Blood Servant System Reborn | The Blood Dripped

The Blood Dripped

The Blood Dripped

Blood sprayed into the air as I was knocked back. Helmeth fell to the ground as the massive lizard warrior ripped its blade clean from where it had almost split the now dead adventure in half. I could barely raise my shield in time to block the fast strike, and I was pushed back.

"What is wrong with that idiot?" I called out

This party consisted of the best adventures I could find, but what was I to expect? They were all men, none of them worked together and each thought they knew best. So far this tactic of not having a plan had done fine, but now, we had finally reached the core.

"He was trying to protect you!" The fighter yelled back

"A Rogue trying to protect a Tank?"

I didn't have time to talk, this was a fight to the death, and now the lizard was moving from me. It had turned and was heading for the healer now, who was standing alone, with no one near to protect him, dipshit. I sucked in a deep breath, filling my lungs to bursting before letting it go in a roar of words.


I unleashed my voice in a deafening scream, my specialty. This certain tone was saved for monsters and drunken men with wandering hands that they aren't fond of. It had been over six month since the massive maze-like structures appeared from nowhere, stopping all wars and turning every idiot that could breathe and hold a stick into an adventurer.


I was tall for a girl, but this thing was huge, at least two and a half meters tall and arms like a tree, but it moved like a dancer. I charge with my own battle cry, angling my shield and defecting the strike, then ramming the monster. I spun off the lizardman and got between it and the priest, but that was the time our warrior thought it was a good time to attack after I had disengaged.


The lizard effortlessly decapitated the warrior as he rushed head on to the monster. More blood sprayed like a fountain as his head fell to the ground. The lizardman stepped aside to let the headless body finish its descent, but the monster was momentarily distracted and threw up a hand to ward off the spraying blood. I didn't blink, there were only two of us left now, and I had to move. I dialed into the moment and dug my feet into the ground as I dashed forward, but I still couldn't figure it out.

How could they be so stupid? Nothing mattered as I charged, the sounds of chanting coming from behind me. The man was praying to a God that healed, but everyone but us was already past the healing point. I held my mace in a lowered position, I would have to rely on the healer to patch me up if we survive.

Suddenly, the lizardman flung his sword, but I dodge it, but then realized what I had just done. The sounds of chants cut off in a gurgling noise. I had no time to look back, this thing was so confident that it felt it didn't need a weapon to face me.

That made me mad, too many times I had kicked my brother's asses for the exact same attitude. Girls are weak and should stay home, girls don't need to fight, but this girl was a fighter. I crashed into the monster, bashing the things to the ground, but I could feel the claws tearing into my skin through the basic chainmail I wore.

Red hot fire tore at my body and I could feel the pain trying to overtake me, but I wouldn't stop now. I would not die before I tasted the lips of another woman. I started to smash my mace into the lizard's pointed face with devastating effect. Having a pointy face wasn't that good vs a mace.

I felt the pressure slowly let off as the claws fell out of my back, but I didn't stop, I couldn't. I smashed until there was no, head left, blood and bits of flesh stood out on my black hair and I weakly flicked them off. I stood, but with great difficulty, wincing at the pain.

I could feel the blood trickle down my back, but I wasn't going to die from this. My breathing was still fine, unlike the rest of my party. A group of idiots, but they had been the best idiots in our town's single guild that I could find. Having a party wipe like this wasn't uncommon, more people went in dungeons then came out, but it was still unsettling.

There was no reason for them to die needlessly, you only needed to clear the first room of any dungeon, and then you could turn around and leave, but most didn't. The entire world had been lulled into the chance for a random gift, yet no one had ever got to the end of a dungeon, yet. The reason was on the other side of this door I stood in front of, the Dungeon Core.

I pushed open the swinging metal door to relieve an empty room, save for the half-meter tall glowing red gems in the middle of the room. I was starting to feel light-headed, but maybe this would give me a way to stop the bleeding or to get out of here. I was not meant to deal the final blow or get into wrestling matches with monsters, so I didn't want some fancy weapon or magic...I was really starting to slip.

I staggered over to the core and put my hand on top of it; I had no idea what would happen. No one had ever made it this far so there weren't even legends yet, but what I did was the right thing and the crystal began glowing brighter. Suddenly, A message popped up into my view, like floating words with a light behind them.


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