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God of the End - Volume 1

genreAction, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural





God of the End - Volume 1 | Chapter 0: God of the End

Chapter 0: God of the End

Chapter 0: God of the End

The world of the gods will soon come to an end. This corrupted land chained down by the blind idolatry of the masses will finally be emancipated. A new age where the lines dividing man and divine are blurred is fast arriving.

“I want you to join me as my retainer…”

The young man gazed down upon me. The red moon illuminated the night sky behind him. Ravens cawed within the trees of the forest before they took flight. His eyes glowed a golden hue like a demon in the night.

“The gods have held dominion over Deus for far too long…”

He walked over to me while I was on the ground leaning against a tree, trying to regain what little strength I had. He stretched out his hand to me and smirked confidently. The wind had blown gently around us, causing his dark hair to fall over and cover one of his eyes.

“And I, Rex von Aurelius, shall be the one to unite the people and usher in a new era.”

He… is the one who is destined to bring about this change.

He… who once was ridiculed by his peers.

He… who became loathed as a demon by the masses.

He… will be the one who will usurp the gods.

For he is the one who will become the God of the End.

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