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God Game

Fantasy, Thriller, Romance




Reiyan Asura, if that is his real name, awakens in a void, bound by chains. He doesn't remember who he is or how he arrived in this world of white. Little does he know, he's been entered with millions of others in a twisted game where only the strongest prevail. Reiyan is anything but strong, but does he have a buried secret that can help him survive?
Welcome to the God Game. Prove your worth or die entertaining Him.

I am the C.E.O

Isekai, Fantasy, Comedy




An up and coming business man, Dylan, finds himself dead after a terrible accident. Making a deal with the God of Commerce, he is reborn into a world where magic power is based on contracts and rank. Can this reborn tycoon raise his stock and make impact or will his market value crash and burn? Find out on his business trip to another world if he can become The Conjured Eternal Overlord!

The Fallen

Fantasy, Action, Supernatural




A boy watches his mother die at the hands of his own father. The Fallen Angel King, Azazel. Filled with rage his angelic power that lies dormant in his blood awakens. A dark cloud of death begins to crawl across the world as Azazel begins his genocidal war against humanity. The boy trains with a mentor to learn how to hunt the monsters that lurk in the dark. Can he harness his dark power in hopes of doing some good with it and free the world from his father's grasp?

Linked Soul

Action, Mystery, Supernatural




“I was hunted, hunted in ignorance”.

Surabaya, 2025. The year where many cases of missing people and the cause is unknown.
In this city, an alien woke up without memory and her head was hunted for 10 billion rupiah. One day, he met Rakai, a boy who was looking for traces of his mother.

Welcome to Linked Soul

Sunshine Café

Slice of life, Romance, Comedy




A shy young woman discovers a rundown maid cafe while wandering the streets of Akihabara. She is forced to take over the cafe but soon discovers the struggles of owning your own restaurant and managing 5 other girls.


Fantasy, Romance, Action




Silas Reinheart awakens to the afterlife and faces the consequences of his dying words. He had cursed the gods and blamed them for the horror that had struck his village. And now, Silas finds himself in hell, doomed to perish forever. But when the devil offers Silas a deal, his fate is altered. He can return to the world and collect souls as the devil’s spawn, but if Silas refuses, the devil will torture the soul of his loved one for eternity.

The Mad Gate

Action, Supernatural, Fantasy




Eon always wanted to become a strong adventurer, clearing perilous dungeons and embarking on fantastical journeys. So, he became the assistant to the great warrior, Tor. 

When an ominous dungeon, known as the Mad Gate, awakens, Eon joins Tor and the world's strongest adventurers to clear it. But there, the heroes unexpectedly find themselves playing into the hands of an insane god. 

In a world of winners and losers, companions and betrayers, Eon will find the one path to attain his dreams at the Mad Gate. But at what cost?

Bandit King

Horror, Supernatural, Thriller




It's the zombie apocalypse and the world as we know it has gone to hell. Roy Kim was a loser and prey for bullies in highschool. He expects he'll be doomed in the new, perilous environment.
That is until he crosses Zoe Winters, who shows him that all the things that used to matter in society, no longer do. The apocalypse is the time for rebirth.
Roy and Zoe will set out on a journey to thrive in the apocalypse. The old world is gone. Time to rule the new one.

Thrash: Rise of Shidou

Fantasy, Action, Horror




*Episodes posted Bi-Weekly*
The gods are dying. The harmony between man and god is thrown off balance, causing chaos to reign across the land. People once protected are being slaughtered by entities and apparitions once held in check by the gods they worshiped. Yet, hope remains. The beautiful kingdom of Suikon boasts of being the only safeguard for those seeking sanctuary. But Suikon hides a dark secret coupled with a mysterious masked man who serves as an enforcer. This secret could spell the end of the known world.

Demon Defense Agency

Action, Thriller, Romance




After demons mysteriously appeared and started to terrorize society, an elite task force was formed to deal with the outbreak of attacks. Fighting with special weapons called Imperiums, crafted from the infernal cores of the demons they hunt down, the Demon Defense Agency is now humanity’s last hope.
And Atlas is the world’s greatest Defender, a young man with the most confirmed demon kills. But after discovering a dark secret about the agency he works for, Atlas is forced to go on the run. With enemies all around him and nothing to fall back on, how will he survive and prevent the apocalypse?
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Land of Valeria

Action, Fantasy, Drama




The Land of Valeria is home to fantastic elemental wildlife, ethereal lands brimming with natural resources, and a war for control of them. Favian, a naturalist who dedicated his life to the study and conservation of the Valerian creatures, finds himself in the middle of the rising conflict between Heroes and Conquerers. As Conquerers invade his town and years of research burns down in front of him, Favian, armed only with his knowledge of the Valerians, reluctantly joins the fray.

There's more to the Land of Valeria than meets the eye!
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Carrier of the Mask

Fantasy, Horror, Action




Dion lost his arms in a landmine explosion. He can’t work at the camp anymore and his son will be born into slavery. His only hope is a mysterious mask that grants the wearer the power of a god. But to claim the mask, he has to fight with his only weapon: his legs.

WARNING - EXPLICIT CONTENT. For mature readers only.


Action, Romance, Sci-fi




They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, but for Nero Ermen and the citizens of Potentia that saying carries much more weight. In a world where your talent can manifest itself into a Mastery, it’s up to our hero, Nero Ermen, to fully master his abilities in order to uncover the truth behind the government and his powers.
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Action, Fantasy, Drama




Benkei Saigo, an adolescent monk, dreams of leaving his home temple to become a samurai, but soon realizes living by the sword isn't as heroic as he once thought.

Embers of Divinity

Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural




Humans have stopped praying to their gods, monsters started to walk alongside humans. The realm of the gods is struck with turmoil as gods descend to the human realm to kill the monsters. The hidden truth of the Journey to the West will finally be revealed. To protect himself, to save the dying monkey king and to reveal the whole truth, the MC partnered with the monsters, starting a full scale war with the gods. The war will unfold on Earth...

Warning: This series may not be suitable for all readers.
Creator: Fanfan Comics Inc.
Producer: READ
Chief Editor: Min Xi
Localized by: Katharos Studios
Published by: VoyceMe

Katharos Studios and VoyceMe got authorisation from Fanfan Inc. to localise and publish this content, the content is from the author's point of view and does not represent the stand of Katharos Studios and VoyceMe.


Fantasy, Horror, Action




Amidst increasing tensions between two nations, a young Qrow Laventus is afflicted with an ancient curse that turns him into a demon. Through his journey to purification, Qrow will understand more about the nightmare that haunts his reality, while unravelling the darker truths behind the origins of his curse.
• Updated every 15th and 30th of each month •
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Tales Of The Dragon Consort

Fantasy, Thriller, Romance




During the Warring States Period between the warlords in ancient China, a young lady named Long Mian suddenly awakened the dragon powers within her blood on the day of her sixteenth birthday. On the exact same day, she just so happened to meet a mysterious seventeen-year-old young man who ended up becoming her dragon consort. Henceforth, the two of them would share the power of a dragon and the same fate of life and death. In order to conclude the seemingly neverending battles between each kingdom and to achieve the dream of unifying the entire continent, they embarked on a perilous journey across the different Kingdoms...
Creator: iLeguo Studios
Produced by Le Q
Story by Fire Lion & Shi Tou Mao & Wing
Art by LIA
Coloring by You Dou Fu
Localized by Katharos Studios
Published by VoyceMe

Katharos Studios and VoyceMe got authorisation from iLeguo Studios to localise and publish this content, the content is from the author's point of view and does not represent the stand of Katharos Studios and VoyceMe.






If the best years of your life were behind you, would you go back to them? Recent college graduate Shuyuka laments his empty future until, one day, he discovers a pair of glasses that takes him back in time ten years. With his knowledge of the future, and the help of his younger self, Shuyuka rewrites the life he had to suffer through— starting by saving his mother from an untimely death. 

Lost Domain

Fantasy, Action




 a fantasy following a young werewolf, Ren, as he adjusts to his new life at a new village. as there are also mysteries like a Curse on Ren, a rise in demon population and the appearance of a dangerous, little known portal, thought to be connected to the lost domain.
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Magus 13

Fantasy, Action




Grand Magus Saylus is one of the most powerful Magi in the land, but one day he stumbles upon a magical child which tells him he has 13 days left to live ! There is a catch however. To undo this fate our hero Saylus has to return the magical child to their original owner ! But who is it ? Where will he look ? Will he make it in time ? And who will stand in his way ?

Magmell of the Azure Sea

Fantasy, Comedy, Horror




35 years ago, a new continent suddenly appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The new continent was named Magmell and is filled with unimaginable new species and riches. Magmell is heralded as the future for mankind. However there is a special force field surrounding the continent that deters foreign substances and technology from entering the continent. Thus humans entered the continent without any form of equipment. While some explorers have discovered incredible riches, others were stranded on the continent. The main character Yin You thus started an organisation with the sole purpose to rescue explorers that have been stranded on the continent, these rescuers are named Anglers. Using his Creator ability which allows him to control materials, Yin You explored deep into the heart of Magmell, uncovering the mysteries and cruelty that lie within the continent.
Creator: Fanfan Comics Inc.
Producer: Di Nian Miao
Assistants: Ah Yue, Jing Zi
Localized by: Katharos Studios
Published by: VoyceMe

Katharos Studios and VoyceMe got authorisation from Fanfan Inc. to localise and publish this content, the content is from the author's point of view and does not represent the stand of Katharos Studios and VoyceMe.

God Game Webnovel

Action, Thriller, Mystery




God Game Webnovel

Reiyan Asura, if that is his real name, awakens in a void, bound by chains. He doesn't remember who he is or how he arrived in this world of white. Little does he know, he's been entered with millions of others in a twisted game where only the strongest prevail. Reiyan is anything but strong, but does he have a buried secret that can help him survive?
Welcome to the God Game. Prove your worth or die entertaining Him.

The Hybrid Mage

Fantasy, Mystery, Action




Let me ask you two questions. When does the act of accomplishing revenge go too far or what line does one have to cross for them to be no longer in the right for chasing revenge? Revenge and Justice are always compared but where is the line between them and if you are willing to cross that line are you willing to become a monster of monsters in order to achieve your revenge?
In a world of where the impossible is now possible, almost nothing is a mystery anymore. Nova Laos transferred right into the middle of G.E. High, the best Ethation School for some of the strongest and most promising young Ethereals, in the universe. Nova appeared out of nowhere with absolutely nothing known about him. He claims he's an averagely strong Ethereal but then why is he in the top class of the school? Why do people get the feeling he's hiding a secret? He claims he's a nobody yet the most powerful figures in Ethereal kind seem connected to him and are slowly bringing his secret into the light.
In a world where godlike beings are common, wars between universes go on in complete secrecy and a transcendent family seemingly at the centre of it all, just who exactly is Nova Laos?
Weekly Chapters every Monday
Warning: Some Chapters contain Mature Themes that some Readers may find disturbing


Comedy, Sports




A nut tasting... I mean... a life changing story! (There is more nut tasting than life changing in this story if we're being honest though... maybe)


Action, Drama, Fantasy




In a world where most humans are limitless and can defy the laws of nature, Keene Grey is the only one on their island who's limited. Because of this rarity, an enemy nation is out to capture him, and he can only rely on his foster siblings for protection. Well, them and his genius in the game of chess!

The Moonlight Meanderer

Drama, Romance




The drifter lives a humble life. He smokes, does recreational drugs, and sells scrap metal to pay for his living. Best of all, his home is on waterfront property just under a bridge. Life couldn’t get simpler. One day, however, he accidentally meets another person on his bridge: a girl contemplating the absence of her life. Frightened by the drifter’s unexpected appearance, the girl runs away and the drifter thinks no more of it. The next day, however, he stumbles on her again…

Code Demon

Action, Thriller, Supernatural




An online tutor, that’s all Say10, a website that was all the rage on campus, was supposed to be for Kaito Himura. As an art student, who was forced to major in computer science to support his family business, a little push in the right direction was all he needed. However, Kaito quickly realized the website was a little odd. There was only a“subscribe” button, and in small print, a disclaimer stating: “Are you brave enough to get what you desire?” Kaito clicked yes, because failing school was not an option, but little did he know that he just entered a contract with the devil. 
And just like that, getting a passing grade became a twisted game of life or death.

Heaven or Hell

Drama, Slice of life, Action




Nigel, because of an incident, he died with a sense of anger and thirst for revenge, for some reason in the afterlife he met a man who claimed to be a god, and he was given the opportunity to come back to life to correct his mistakes and sins, but will Nigel correct his mistakes or take his revenge after being revived ?


Action, Fantasy




In a country sick of being ruled by those with natural power, a young prince and princess fight to escape rebels. Wounded, can the young prince stand strong enough to protect his only remaining family?

A Modern Horror Story

Horror, Thriller




When Abe rejects a boy from her school, she never imagined that he, in revenge, will destroy her life with the help of an artificial intelligence application. Will she also use the virtual "eye for an eye"?