Vampire Lord's Rare Prisoner



Power is such a strong word, not only by meaning but also from its effect around us. Some use it wisely and some just go crazy over it. Erin believes that power can give a person authority, but it has to be used wisely. She believes, "Use power to survive and maintain your place, but don't let it use you. Otherwise, you become the devil who devours itself."
But it's useless saying so when her own isn't ready to let go of useless powers.....
It was already over the day Count Lord position was made. Nobody can get out of this circle now. All high ranked vampires are fighting for that single position.  But maybe it isn't all. If they are really after that then why targeting her?! It seems that the vampires are focused on Erin rather than the power displayed at the front which now looks like a fake. Maybe a secret is hidden behind the cover. Erin's long black hair is wavering as the wind touches it smoothly. She is seeing a wide black forest when she closes her eyes. The whole forest suddenly catches fire. A prairie fire so huge as if it's straight out from the Hell !!
"It's so painful to just look. Maybe...maybe I should have stayed his prisoner after all!", Erin felt guilt building up inside her as she saw dead bodies lying on the vast field and fire that was trying to touch the sky. Tears roll down her cheeks as soon as she realised that she was the main reason for the downfall of the whole vampire community. She understood that her being rare one of them is the main cause of it.

"I should've listened to him!", She starts weeping.

Suddenly, a strong embrace startles her that forces her to look back. The man she wanted to see the most is now standing in front of her eyes. She hugged him back while bursting into a cry, "I'm sorry! I should've listened to you!" 

"Don't blame yourself. This was bound to happen!", He then suddenly grabs Erin's tiny face, "You're better off to be my prisoner!!"

"Let go of me!", she screamed but it didn't bother him at all.

There's pain in his eyes. His hands are shaking and his lips arere quivering. Those blood eyes squinted before he diverted his gaze away, releasing Erin from his grasp, "Don't come back in the vampire community. If I find you..."

Erin waits for him to finish, "Then?"

"I will kill you by sucking that rare blood of yours. And this time, I promise you I won't make any mistake!", He roars as he turns back, standing with pride.

Yes! He may kill her. Because the one standing before her is not the person she loves, but the current Count Lord! And she was once his prisoner!

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