Unknwn World



Can you imagine a life in which you lose more the longer you live? A life where you wonder if your life is destiny or if you are just a virus? A life where you don't know what is real and what is not? Or a life where you don't know what is the right decision and what is the wrong one? That's what Jun is trying to find out. He wants to know what is the meaning of his existence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ═ What can be expected? ═ 1. - This is my first novel ever, so I'll probably get some things wrong, but it's not meant to be a practice project, I have a lot planned for this. 2. - It's a story that will make more and more sense as time goes on. In the beginning, I just want you to get to know the main character and understand him, but I don't plan to make it boring. 3. - With time you understand the title better and better and know why this novel is called " Unknwn World ". I have a lot planned for this novel as mentioned above, so if you have a little patience you will have a lot of fun reading it. 4. - I try not to rush anything, rather to build up the characters, the worldbuilding and the story itself well and thoughtfully, so that you can empathize well with the main character and his life. 5. - The last thing I want to say is that I want to write a story that will pull the readers along, so I hope for a lot of feedback and suggestions for improvement. ❗❗❗ If you like the story, then please don't forget the ❗❗❗ Golden Tickets / Power Stones

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