The Burning Rain



Some people can tear the Earth apart with their hands. Some people are cursed to sink into sidewalks so they must spend their entire life inside. That’s the way the world is after the rain. One is either gifted a power or a weakness, never both. Velli has a weakness, a voice in his head that’s trying to kill him. He’ll fight off death, for now, to save the life of his mother. He owes her a good life. Velli is powerless but clever. He will journey through his world using deception to get enough money to hire someone to heal his mom or die trying. One is either gifted a power or a weakness, never both. However, you can make your power better, you can bring it to its zenith, and that can make you royalty. That’s what Rose did. She’s earned her life at the castle and now she can bring her family there.  She’s at peace. They’ll finally be safe in this miserable world. Until the Queen tells her to go do an impossible task; one of violence, and that goes against the little bit of empathy she has left.

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