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Rightful Summon: Living In Another World Where You Don't Belong

authorHayato Shinohara
genreAction, Romance, Fantasy, Isekai





Rightful Summon: Living In Another World Where You Don't Belong | PROLOGUE: A REINVENTED FATE





“In a world that turns against you, be the one that will stand and fight back.”





     "Damn, look at him go!"

     "That's three goals in just 10 minutes of the match!"

     I kid you not, my legs should've snapped by now if it were an ordinary day. My school finally got a chance to match against one of the best varsity teams in Japan, and I surely wasn't about to let this opportunity go to waste.

     "And he does it again! This is the 7th goal, and it's not even half time yet!"

     The announcer sounded as if he were screaming at the top of his lungs. I honestly don't blame him, since my adrenaline rush wasn't going to finish any time soon. This team's defense, despite their caliber, stood no chance against someone of my level.

     "Oh my goodness! If Asato makes this goal, the match ends in a mercy rule!"

     At this point, everyone was screaming. Not only was I about to end the game early due to a ten-zero score, but this was against a team that never knew defeat.



     "A-SA-TO! A-SA-TO! A-SA-TO!"

     Hundreds of people cheered me on as my team grouped together and held me up. I smiled and laughed along with everyone.

     Eventually, I stood on my feet and talked to a few friends. I paused as the crowd began to clear the way for someone passing through.

     With a smile that was bright enough to light up the entire soccer field, there was no question as to who it was. 

     "Is that Fumiko? What's she doing here?!" A girl called out.

     "You didn't know? She and the star striker are together," my friend Totsuka replied.

     "You've surprised me in so many ways, but today, you really crossed the line." The girl moved closer, held my face with both hands, and kissed me on the lips. 

     I could almost smell the jealousy around me, even from my friends as everyone continued cheering and clapping. Who was I to complain about them? Every male could only dream of being with the president of the student council.

     "Sheesh, I guess the president has good taste after all," someone added from the crowd.

     After a few more seconds, we looked at each other and smiled before holding hands.

     "Asato dear!" My mother, father, and little sister Mitsuki shouted from a distance. Fumiko watched happily as I went to hug them. I think I made them almost too proud since both of my parents had tears in their eyes.

     "Big brother, you're the coolest person, like ever!" I patted Mitsuki's head and held her up as we laughed together.

    "Well then, we'll head home and get dinner ready. Try to not be late, okay dear?"

     I nodded at my mother before the three of them left. They knew I was really popular and respected the fact that I had more people to talk to before leaving. My house was just a handful of blocks away, so walking home wasn't an issue.

     After having some cold drinks with my coach and teammates, I waved goodbye before walking home with Fumiko. 

     "Say, Fumiko, can I ask you something...?"

     "I'm all open ears, Asato~"

     I could swear that she knew what I was going to say, especially from the tone of her voice. She reads me like a book, and it never fails to make me nervous.

     "Would you... uhm.." I turned my head started tapping my cheek with an index finger—a stupid habit I have when I'm shy.      

     "Would I what?" She teased, her expression now turning into a smug.

     "Would you go out with me to the movies tomorrow night?!"

     She looked surprised after hearing my request. It didn't take more than a second for her to start blushing.

     "Of course! It'll be a Saturday night, which is perfect for both of us!"

     "HECK YEA!" I raised a fist as I shouted, which resulted in a flick on my forehead.


     "Can you not wake up half the world every time you get excited?"

     "Eheh, my bad, Fumi..."

     "Still calling me that? Seriously? Anyways, we're almost at your place. Let's not keep your family waiting any longer."

     She had a point. I might've been out a bit longer than I said I would, so we picked up the pace until we reached the front door.



     Fumiko shoved me forward into my house as my little sister Mitsuki opened the door. There were decorations everywhere, a huge feast set up in the dining room, and confetti floating everywhere. I could see at least ten of my friends with my family, clapping rapidly as we walked in. 

     "Wait, is this because of today's match? You guys are too kind!"

     I couldn't think of another reason until Fumiko, who was still behind me, lowered a paper before my eyes. I held it and quickly realized what it was after reading a few words.


     Fumiko grabbed my arm and moved closer to me. You know... the thing girls do when they're out with their boyfriend?

     "You're not the only one who got in, my little screwball."

     Everyone cheered and congratulated us. I honestly had my doubts about whether I'd get in, even with my good grades and a nice resume. But tonight, I no longer had to sleep with that worry.

     After partying for a few hours, everyone went their way and called it a night. This had to be one of the best days of my life. I could never have felt more glad to be alive. 

     The next day, I did some errands and wrapped up a lot of paperwork to finish off my university registration. It was now nearly evening, so without wasting a single second, I proceeded to get ready for my night with Fumiko.

     "Mom, Dad, I'll be back a little late today," I said, speedwalking to grab my wallet from the living room table.

     "Sure thing son"

     "Enjoy your night out, dear." 

      "Thanks, Mom and Dad!" Before I opened the door, my mom called for my attention again.

     "Asato dear, your father and I just want to say that we're so proud of you. Never stop chasing your dreams, okay?"

     I exchanged a smile but was not able to respond since my little sister jumped out of the couch and shouted while pointing upward.

     "That's right! No one is cooler than big brother, now go and impress Miss Fumiko on your date!"

     "H-Hey... how did you know—"

     I didn't have to question them any further when I remembered that I was wearing the most expensive suit and tie in my closet.

     "I wouldn't have accomplished everything without all of you, so thank you. I'll definitely keep striving from times to come, best believe!" Realizing that I was getting late, I then rushed out the door after saying goodbye.


     After meeting Fumiko at a cafe, we began our date. With a few occasional cars driving by, the stars lit the cloudless sky in a vibrant manner. Street lights illuminated our surroundings as the cool breeze ruffled through our hair. It was, indeed, the perfect night to spend time with a loved one. After a lengthy stroll in the city boardwalk, we ended up going to the movie theatre as planned.

     The film ended a few hours later, both of us clearly having enjoyed it. We walked hand-in-hand out onto the sidewalk.

     “Soo, did you ask me out for any other reason? Usually, I'm the one making the moves, since you're super shy when it comes to this.”

     Fumiko’s pink eyes shone like jewels in the nighttime as her eyelashes fluttered. Why did her golden hair stand out more than usual? It smelled better than the springtime cherry blossoms, even from a few feet away. Everything was noticeable enough to make it difficult for me to focus. If anything, she came prepared to impress.

     “Well, you see—” I began to kneel down, presenting a wedding ring to her. I won't lie, mustering all of my courage to do that felt worse than my credit card after buying such an outstanding diamond ring.

     “Fumiko Nishikawa, I love you! With all of my heart, I've always loved you! Starting a relationship with you was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. For that, I must ask—sometime down the line... will you marry me?”

     There was a moment of silence after I poured out every ounce of my heart to her. I remained still, but my heart was ready to kick the front door and abandon me from how rapidly it pounded against my rib cage.

     Did I sound too extra? Or did I not say enough?

     "Honestly, you could’ve been less nervous about it. But hey, I’m not surprised. You're still my little screwball, after all." She giggled as she spoke.

     “...Huh? What do you mean?” Well, I knew what it meant. I heard the latter phrase from her at least a hundred times throughout our relationship. Considering how it was never used in a negative way, it relieved me—just a bit.

     “Asato. You’re being serious, right?”

     “Of course I am! How could you assume I wasn’t after all of that?!” I could tell that my cheeks were redder than ever before. It was even more so than hers, without a doubt.


     Her eyes softened as she let out a beaming smile. “In that case, I gracefully accept your proposal. During these four years we spent together, your love for me was never one-sided, da-rl-ing~” As that phrase left her lips, she moved closer and hugged me.

     The warmth, the immediate happiness I felt... it was incomprehensible. To say the least, I wanted to jump and scream as loud as I could—perhaps kiss her and tighten our hug as I burst into tears of joy.

     Though, the moment would soon take an unexpected turn as I could feel my vision slowly start to fade.

     What is going on all of a sudden?

     Ack! My head feels like a boulder…


     No… Please no. Let me enjoy this moment just a little longer, dammit!

     Before I began to collapse, I could see the worry start to form on her face.

     "A-Asato.. what's wrong?"

     My sight had completely dimmed before I finally dropped to the ground.

     "Asato.. Hey Asato... come on now. Get yourself together. ASATOOO!"

     "Someone call an ambulance!" An unfamiliar person called out, their voice full of panic.

     I felt her soft hands cling onto me. She began to check my pulse and feel my forehead. What an angel.

     All I remember after that was listening to my surroundings for a few seconds until everything voided.


     After what felt like an hour went by, my eyes briefly opened halfway. Was I about to wake up? Well, I wish that were the case. I could hardly lift my eyelids for a second until closing them again. Even after a few tries, they wouldn't budge more than a crack. Waking up felt near impossible.

     With the little I could see, the most I picked up were my parents sobbing, along with Fumiko holding onto my hand. Some of my friends watched me in total disbelief. My little sister Mitsuki, the one who always made everyone smile, now had tears pouring down her face as she clutched onto her stuffed animal. Despite the briefness of the moment, it was a painful sight to witness.

     Days went by, and instead of feeling better, I felt the opposite. At first, I was able to move my arms and legs every now and then, sometimes opening my eyes for a few seconds. But I couldn't do that now. My health was declining, no matter how I wanted to put it. 

     “Although, we have yet to identify this noninfectious virus, there are currently no life-threatening symptoms for this young man.”


     “He will be alright.”

     A man’s voice spoke to everyone in the room—most likely the doctor that was taking care of me.

     I could tell that no one in the room was too convinced, since the cries of my loved ones didn’t stop. They knew just as much as I did that I wasn't showing signs of improvement.

     “Asato... you can’t do this. Please, don't leave us!”

     "I won't forgive you! I absolutely won't! Don't do this to us. Stay strong! For your family, for your friends, for me!"

     Fumiko's grip on my hand tightened as she sobbed uncontrollably.

     It wasn’t long until my senses began to fade. My heart continued to slowly beat until it was the only thing I could hear. The cries were no longer there now. My view, once again, blackened beyond my will.

     I had no clue what was going to happen this time—as if today, my perfect life was coming to an end.


     I was finally able to open my eyes after who knows how long.

     My surroundings were completely different from what I expected. It wasn't somewhere I recognized at all, let alone a hospital. 

     Pain shot through my head as I regained consciousness and sat up.

     I briefly looked around and noticed that I was sitting in some temple-like cave. It seemed like a temple because the walls had glowing symbols I could not comprehend. What the heck were these carvings on the floor surrounding me? This had to be a dream.

     “Where am I...? Fumiko? Mom? Dad? Anyone here?” As I voiced my questions aloud, a masked, hooded individual wearing a suit of armor and cloak made their presence known from a darker region of the cave. It seemed as if they stood there the entire time, patiently waiting for me to awaken.

     Who in the world is that—

     The person walked towards me, which immediately made me feel uncomfortable. I had every reason to feel that way, considering I couldn’t even see their face due to a whitish mask. To be fair, their figure looked built like a human, but what startled me were the blackish feathers near their collar.

     In the midst of my confusion, I really wanted to say something—



     Unfortunately, I no longer had the opportunity after an explosion erupted from behind. Without a moment of hesitation, the person yanked my hand and we began to run away!

     The first thing that invaded my mind was a plethora of questions. What was going on? What part of Japan did I end up in and how? I was so sure that I was in a hospital due to some type of virus. It wasn’t a dream. I know it was real.


     We found ourselves dodging attacks from behind. The hooded person cast what I could only assume to be a spell, likely in an attempt to protect us. Rays of bright light beamed from the person’s palm, repelling the arrows and fireballs that bolted towards us. Luckily, the most I'd gotten were specs of dirt on my back.

     After what felt like ages of evading in a battlefield of more fireballs, bolts, and other deadly projectiles, we made a sharp right turn into a more narrow tunnel of the cave.


     A part of me died inside when I realized we were reaching a dead end.

     “We have them cornered, get rid of them immediately!” A manly voice barked out from behind. Hearing that only made the situation more terrifying.

     The person holding onto my hand, however, didn’t stop running. They extended their palm until a large, radiant blue circle appeared before us. As they ran straight through it, I was tugged along.

     A bright light blinded me as soon as I was pulled through the circle of blue. I guess it was our best option, seeing that we were about to be baked by fire and pincushioned by other deadly things.

     Now, back to the main question… What the heck was going on again?!

*  *  *

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