Night Crawlers



After hanging up the phone, I stayed a few moments analyzing if what had just happened was real or just a lucid dream, I had engaged in a conversation without risking my life with those who never sleep, not only that, but they wanted to come to my tavern next Friday and offered to pay for the food, in the first moments I thought it was a bad joke made by someone close, but even so I saw a certain probability that it was true.

Days before Friday night I was walking around the city with some joy, because if it was true (which I prayed it was) the reputation that my tavern would have, could even reach the King himself, I reflected and reflected on the chances of success that I would have on Friday and you could even say that while buying food for the local, I was chilling around by the guilds.

And just that Friday morning, I don't know how, since no such words came out of my mouth, the rumor started to spread that those who never sleep were coming, and this let me know that they were really coming, which made me think about the bad part of the matter.

Because of their recognition that they have globally, most likely the best thing they could do by coming would be not to pay me for the food even though they previously said otherwise, even if I or my subordinates made some mistake of the slightest, it could even be that all the lives of the people were at stake, the optimism I had at first cooled like ice and ran through my blood with an incredible sense of dread as I waited like every time it was time to arrive, mentally knowing that either I acted perfectly or I would never see anything but the facade of my own place again.

At the estimated time, a man appeared, which presented some clothes with striking colors, more with the nails colored of an absolute black and that made contrast with his hair, which was mostly brown, but the top was flooded by a blond that looked like gold, the "matchstick man" when he saw that I was alone sighed and came towards me, by the way he walked I suspected that he was one of them, which made me paralyzed and I got a lump in my throat which was so big that I could only communicate gesticulating with my head or with my hands, When I got to the counter, the man with a warm voice and a friendly face began to talk to me, he was a member of those who never sleeps, the shock of prejudice I had was incredible because without any context you would not know that this man could be one of the strongest in the world, he began to speak and in the most respectful way possible he explained that his colleagues would come late so he would sit alone at the table and wait, he even explained how many of us there were so as not to pass the letter before time.

While this man was walking to his table, I thought a thousand things, is this a joke? Are they really the ones who never sleep? How could a bandit like him be so peaceful, while I finished formulating all my doubts, another man appeared.

He had curly hair and glasses that gave him style, but they were so dirty that I wondered if he could see through them. I found the same pattern of shiny colors in his cloths; however, they were of a more orange hue, and he also had colored fingernails.

This character walked into the tavern looking everywhere, not finding what he was looking for he turned to me, and asked me IN A SHY WAY where the table of those who never sleep was, I was freaking out, I literally pointed my finger towards the back corner, he turned around and seeing his friend's hair color he felt a little silly, he thanked me and went over there and when he got there while sitting down he started to explain what was the reason for the delay, after that he stood up, put his hands on his chest and then moved them away gesticulating as if he was holding something in his palms, and squeezing that something, he was very expressive with what he was saying and wanted his partner to feel the same warmth as his own feelings.

The blondie seeing this started to guffaw as he raised his hand towards him, as they both laughed like hyenas they clashed hands and the sound was so shocking that they stopped giggling to stare at each other and look at each other with a face of complete bewilderment.

It was about 5 minutes after this and a trio of individuals entered a local, and I emphasize this because it was the point of realizing that these peculiar people were who they claimed to be, I explain.

Through the door they passed: A rather small man, with a jocular and mocking attitude, he was different from the rest, apart from the effort you had to make to see him from the side of the bar, if not that his hair looked like an assortment of ice cream, the left side of a vanilla yellow and the right side of a chocolate black.

Next to him, stood someone tall and who seemed to come from some kind of military training, as he had his head shaved in full view of everyone, he was dressed in purple, except for the torso, he was wearing a shirt, which was blue straps and had in the middle a logo of a kind of woman which had mutated with a fish because instead of legs, had a fin.

The third member of this peculiar group was the one who oozed more style than the other two, he wore clothes, which were very well adorned with him and presented a tattoo on his arm, which looked like a storm occurred on his body, not only, but was adorned with a backpack of a little character which was of a faint yellow tone and that seemed to be made of cloth even being alive.

If you haven't yet recognized who the beings were that were prostrate in my building at that instant, they were the Kkboyz, the successful group of minstrels, which went hand in hand with the band that doesn't sleep, so that proved the point that I had the most relevant association of people in the history of mankind showing of my hand to feed them and best of all they were the most peculiar and friendly customers I have ever had.

This characteristic trio approached me and the man head billiard began to speak in a voice that sometimes bordered on falsetto in a burlesque and funny way: Hello Hoe we are of those who do not sleep you know? Like we have a table he... It did not finish speaking because it was crushed against the wood of the bar by the man full of ink that made him swallow parts of this, it could be deduced that he was completely satisfied and would not need to eat that night.

Not only that, but just at the instant that happened several things happened:

The brave man, who should have a reddish hand, apologized for his companion's manners, immediately followed by a squeal outside from a girl and a laugh that could infect even the coldest being.

While the poor boy got up from the loud bang he suffered, presenting a piece of wood in his mouth and a little blood on his nose, the others met the remaining group, this case was a duo of people which was formed by a tall man with a cap and glasses that made him look unique from the rest plus his calm attitude and a squeaky girl with a high-pitched voice as a base tone which had the same proportions as the Venus of Willendorf.

These "Clones" joined the rest as they greeted each other and when they saw the table where they would eat, they stood watching their two friends chatting and talking in such a deep way that they did not even notice the arrival of the others.

The immersed chatter of these companions was interrupted by a hand on the shoulder, which made the two were amazed to see their whole group, after greeting each other they sat down, when I went for their order, they were chatting about a "last supper" apparently it was funny in their context because every time that word came out they burst out laughing.

After they would eat, seeing that tonight the place was only them and me, they started to joke with a higher tone of voice than before, this time, they put a context which could be completely replaceable by anyone and after that, they made the most bizarre movements and sounds you could see, I think they pretended to be deficient to get out of some situation or therefore obtain benefits.

Velen Hayer
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