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King of Ancients

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7 Chapters
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King of Ancients | Awakening, part 1

Awakening, part 1

Awakening, part 1

Darkness. Complete darkness

I was floating, hovering in an utter reflectionless black. Whether I was drifting or if I was suspended in place, I could not tell.

All I knew was that there was nothing else—no sound, touch, taste, or smell in this sea of complete darkness.

After aimlessly floating around for a while, I spotted a speck of light—a speck so small that anyone could easily miss it.

The more I stared at this speck, the more I wondered, “Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel?”

You know when people, after going through near death experiences, get startled awake in cold sweat? They shout things like “I saw the light!” Yeah, that tunnel.

The more I thought about it, the more I asked, “How did I die?” Surely, if this was the tunnel, I would have a recollection of how I died or who I was, yet who am I?.

Anyone who has ever experienced this “Tunnel” phenomenon would always tell you that the light would slowly gravitate you closer and closer to it. But in my case, it’s not doing anything.

The more time I spent in my thoughts, the more I started to remember I had a body—hands, limbs and feet.

I tried opening and closing my mouth. I couldn't feel anything—not even my own breath. What if I was stuck in this endless void forever? What if I really do die here!?

Fear quickly took hold of me. It didn’t come in the physiological signs I was accustomed to—no thumping of my heart, no quickening of my breath, no trembling in my body.

I tried to move my legs, head, eyes and even fingers. Tried screaming for help to see if anyone or anything could hear me—free me from this prison of blackness. I even tried to bite my tongue to get a feel for something.

After what felt like hours I stopped any futile attempts of trying to do anything. I stared at the light that continued to float around like it was making fun of my pitiful existence.

“Why am I here? What did I do to deserve this, damn it!?”

Suddenly, a streak of light engulfed the whole tunnel. I kept staring into its glow as it grew larger and larger. All of a sudden, the light burst into smaller beams, filling the entire void.

I got back to my senses very quickly. A familiar warmth embraced me, making me forget all the darkness and fear that had taken hold of me before.

After a few seconds, I suddenly appeared on a bridge above the clouds. I looked behind me, but I couldn’t see where the bridge came from. It just kept going into the far distance. . I looked forward and saw that the bridge ended where I stood.

“Now this is weird…” I looked around me to see pillars above the clouds. A bunch of them were short enough for me to see their tops, while others shot up into the sky. I could also see some strange inscriptions on them.

“OK...I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE I AM!” It was then that an idea suddenly came to me.

I took a step off the end of the bridge. Ok, anyone would think I was nuts for this, but I had to try. When I did, though, the bridge immediately expanded to where my foot was supposed to land.

Curiosity took over me and I went into a full sprint. I wanted to find out what was at the end of this bridge and I wanted to know badly. I ran for several minutes when a door suddenly popped up out of nowhere. I crashed into it, plummeting on my back.

“Ouch!” Damn, who knew a door would appear out of nowhere?

Alright, so a random door appears. What do you do? Obviously, you go through it. I opened the door, but immediately, everything turned blank. It stayed that way for a few minutes when a voice appeared out of nowhere.

“Wake up…”

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