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God of the End - Volume 1

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God of the End - Volume 1 | Chapter 1.2: King of Idiots II

Chapter 1.2: King of Idiots II

Chapter 1.2: King of Idiots II

Rex and I proceeded to the enemy general’s base. We encountered a couple of enemy demigods along the way, but they were easily defeated. It was mostly Rex, but I helped out too… a little. Seeing Rex fight in real battles was mesmerizing, there was a certain charm to it that made it hard to look away for even a second.

“How are you feeling?” Rex asked as we were running along the city streets. “You’re doing really well for your first battle.”

“A little exhausted,” I responded, hiding my shortness of breath. “How can you guys do this every couple of weeks?”

“You get used to it. There’s always something causing trouble in this country. When our ‘guardian deities’ couldn’t give a shit to handle the issue themselves, who does Father always recommend to old Moctezuma to deal with it? Me, of course.”

We soon arrived at City Hall, the large stone pyramid-shaped temple in the middle of Aztlan. Compared to the modern aesthetic that surrounds it, City Hall was one of the few preserved landmarks of ancient Quetzalcoatl architecture. It was exhausting climbing up the flights of stairs. After the first try, I always used the escalator instead.

Reportedly, the general behind this assault seized City Hall as a base of operations. While his demigod soldiers risked their lives to do all the dirty work, the general probably watched peacefully from the comforts of Lord Aurelius’ office. Unfortunately, that was normal for any deity above demigod status. Rex was one of the few exceptions, opting to join the fight himself rather than watching the battle play out through a live stream.

“We’re here.” Rex gazed upon City Hall with his sword resting upon his shoulder. “I’ll warn you, while the general is definitely still no match for me, he’s going to be harder than the goons we’ve faced so far. Plus, he’ll no doubt keep some of his strongest soldiers near him for protection. So, keep your guard up, but I’m sure you’ll come out of this one unscathed as well.”

As Rex turned to give me a thumbs-up, a roaring cry came from within City Hall. We went on high alert and readied our weapons. However, the cry didn’t sound like someone in danger. Rather, someone was preparing themselves up for an incoming battle. And I had a feeling we knew who this someone is.

“Is that…?” I wondered.

Rex shook his head before I could finish my sentence. “Yeah, I would recognize that scream anywhere. Let’s go, before that ape destroys the entire building.”

Rex and I ran up the stairs of City Hall. We didn’t even stop for a second, all we had in our minds was what sort of chaos awaited us at the entrance. During our ascent, we heard steel weapons clashing as battle cries both familiar and unfamiliar resounded from within the building. Some shrieked in horror, but they were silenced by a burst of boisterous laughter.

“No fair,” Rex complained. “I’m not letting him get all the fun.”

Rex sprinted even faster. I was steadily being left behind. “Wait for me, Rex!”

As we reached the top of the stairs, the front doors broke open as a pitiful demigod flew out. He landed a little too close to the edge, causing him to roll down the long flight of stairs.

“Oof,” Rex exclaimed, as we watched the demigod’s unconscious body tumble down and hit every single step of the pyramid. “He-he’ll survive… crippled for the rest of his life… but he’ll survive.”

We prepared for the worst as we peered inside the building. Unsurprisingly, we found utter chaos below. The enemy demigods were being thrown around left, right, and center, as if they were ragdolls being abused by a petulant child. I almost felt sorry for them.

Sporting an athletic build and spiky brown hair while wearing a flaming red varsity jacket, the culprit of the massacre stood proudly, lance in hand, at the center of the once-grand foyer. The entire room was trashed with the unconscious bodies of all the demigods he defeated so far. The luxurious décor and monitors that decorated the room before were now mostly destroyed. All of the warrior’s remaining opponents were at the corners of the room with their weapons drawn, they were too exhausted to even stand.

The lancer happened to quickly glance at the entrance above, noticing us. His eyes lit up as if we were a sight for sore eyes. “Took you two long enough. I was just getting to know our new friends here.”

Flynn Phoenix, a fellow retainer and a beloved friend of ours. Flynn often considered himself Rex’s rival, and he has the skills to rightfully do so. Flynn’s an expert... no, a master of combat. During training, he’s the only one among our peers I know that can go toe-to-toe, and even win, against Rex in a fight. Rex would often have to use his divine powers against Flynn if he wanted to win. And even then, Flynn came out victorious sometimes.

“Are you kidding me?!” Rex started screaming at Flynn in an irritated tone. “Dude, what did you do to the foyer?! Dad’s going to kill me!”

“The old fart should be happy we’re taking out the trash for him.” Flynn realized what he said and looked around at the cautious demigods surrounding him. “No offense, you guys.”

“I told you, Dad wanted to keep damage to anything and everything in the city at an all-time low. And here you go destroying one of the most expensive buildings in the entire city.”

“That’s rich, coming from the spoiled brat who crashed Ol’ Aurelius’ sports car and obliterated the city fountain while on a joy ride.”

The two bickered like they always did. Meanwhile, the enemy demigods simply stood around, confused.

“Anyway,” Rex said, finally calmed down. “You need any help there?”

“No thanks.” Flynn kicked up his lance. “Your Highness should grab some popcorn with our adorable baby bro over there and enjoy the show.”

“Hi Flynn,” I waved to him. Flynn cheerfully smiled back.

While Flynn was distracted, an enemy demigod attempted to strike Flynn on the back of the head with a club. Flynn countered the attack at the last second with a spin of his lance.

“This is going to be epic,” Rex said, as we both leaned on the mezzanine to watch Flynn.

“I never actually seen Flynn fight seriously before,” I commented.

“Then you’re going to have to wait a while. The Ape rarely takes his fights seriously unless he knows he’s up against someone he has little-to-no chance of beating. Like me.”

“Hell no!” Flynn retorted.

The remaining demigods rushed in waves but were defeated just as quickly. Despite having a similarly wild personality, all of his attacks were meticulously executed. It was as if fighting was second nature to him.

Halfway through the battle, Flynn threw the crimson spear at a charging demigod, impaling the poor soldier in the arm and pinning him against the wall. Flynn picked up a pair of silver swords scattered across the floor and used it to block an incoming attack.

Using the dual blades, Flynn defeated the rest of his enemies. His swordsmanship was elegant and graceful. Each attack he made was precise. It looked like he was dancing around his enemies, similar to rose petals caught in the breeze. However, not once did his energetic smile leave his face during the battle.

“Woohoo!” Flynn cried out in glee after single-handedly defeating an entire squadron of defectors. He looked up and gave us a peace sign.

“I expected nothing less from the ape who can put up a fair fight against me.” Rex jumped down from the mezzanine while I used the stairs to join them. “If you lost against those weaklings, I would’ve killed you myself before they could finish you off.”

“Isn’t that a nice thing to say to your best friend?” Flynn teased Rex with a mischievous look in his eye. “Instead of ‘I’m glad you came out of that battle unharmed’, I get ‘I won’t hesitate to murder you if you damage my fragile ego’. I’m definitely feeling the love here.”

“Hey c’mon, you take that back.” Rex’s face started turning bright red. He pulled Flynn in and gave him a playful noogie.

Rex and Flynn joked around despite being knee-deep in enemy territory. Just when I was starting to feel a little left out, the two dragged me in and started ruffling my already shaggy hair.

“Someone looks a little lonely,” Rex taunted. “We already got one edgelord on our squad, dude. We don’t need another.”

“Aww,” Flynn remarked. “Don’t worry, my guy. We’ll never forget about you. You’ll always be our adorable baby brother.”

Their head patting was starting to make me blush. “Hey, stop that! I may be shorter and younger than all three of you, but I’m not a baby. I’m already 18.”

Just as the two were about to continue teasing me, an unfamiliar cackle erupted from an unknown location. I clutched my bow and readied to draw an arrow. Flynn dropped the swords and pulled out his lance from the impaled demigod, who had already passed out. Meanwhile, Rex stood and confidently folded his arms.

Suddenly, all the undamaged monitors on the walls turned on. A pompous man appeared on the screen. From the aura he radiated, I could tell he’s a god of some kind. With long, flowing blond hair and wearing an expensive white suit, the deity sat haughtily on Lord Aurelius’ desk.

“Well, look who decided to join the battle.” The deity’s voice grated with a condescending tone. “If it isn’t the infamous ‘King of Idiots’ and his adorable little pets.”

The ‘King of Idiots’, an epithet the other gods among Rex’s peers gave him. Despite being the heir to the prestigious Aurelius family, deities all over Quetzalcoatl’s divine social hierarchy frowned upon Rex. “The ‘King of Idiots’,” I remembered Rex’s response when I asked him about it. “Pretty cool nickname, right? If those stuck-up pricks with their social etiquette are what Deus considers to be geniuses, I would gladly take up that mantle and wear it with pride.”

While gods his age were already focusing on flaunting their power all over to appear worthy of lionization, Rex preferred to stay amongst the mortals and indulge in their cultures. Rex is probably the only heir in Quetzalcoatl that regards his retainers as equals. His eccentric personality has caused him to become outcast amongst the divine. However, he never really cared, nor did he let it get to him.

“Who’s that guy?” I asked Flynn, who was picking his nose instead of paying attention to the live stream.

“Don’t know,” Flynn said. He pulled out a large booger from inside his nose and proceeded to flick it at one of the monitors, landing directly in the middle of the deity’s forehead. “Don’t care.”

“Alfonso Dolomite, heir of the Dolomite Family,” Rex responded. As opposed to the exasperation I expected, he sounded as disinterested as Flynn. “They’re a family of minor gods that are far too proud of their status. They’re one of the weakest minor gods in Quetzalcoatl. Chances are, one of the Dei Consentes bribed them to swap allegiances.”

In the background, Alfonso gloated about how they’ll soon take over Aztlan City and become its new guardian deities. He complained about how the Dolomite family wasn’t treated with the respect a family of their social standing deserves. I held back a snicker during his entire monologue.

“Soon, Quetzalcoatl will realize and fear the glory of the Dolomite family,” Alfonso definitely practiced his lines in Lord Aurelius’ office before he came on camera.

Has he not been paying attention to what’s happening outside? Their forces are being massacred. I even felt kind of sorry for them. Some were being chased down as they were trying to flee. Rex and Flynn took down entire squadrons of their soldiers. Alfonso was definitely not the brightest star in the night sky… if he even shined at all.

“Now, face the full might of the Dolomite family!” I’m starting to think Alfonso wrote all of his lines while watching an anime. “Now, come my personal guards!”

We steeled for the incoming battle. I took out an arrow and readied it. Flynn spun his lance and shifted into a fighting stance. Rex remained nonchalant. However, after a few seconds passed, no one came.

Alfonso looked perplexed as to why none of his soldiers were appearing. “Um… personal guards? Hello~?”

A few more seconds passed, but no one showed up. Both sides were confused. We awkwardly stared at Alfonso in silence while we waited for our opponents to arrive.

Alfonso became irritated. “Where are those idiots? Personal guards?! Hello! Your opponents are here~!”

He took out his smartphone and called someone, with a repulsive scowl on his face.

“I think I know where this is headed.” Rex walked over to one of the unconscious demigods, one who wore a slightly different uniform than the rest. He dug his hands into their pockets and swiped a smartphone.

Within seconds, the phone rang with a pop song. Rex answered. “Hey, Alfonso. Your personal guards can’t answer the phone right now. They’re a little… tired.”

Alfonso started looking around the room through the monitor. His face contorted as he realized who the demigods laying around on the floor were.

“Wait, you’re telling me…?” Alfonso was too bewildered to finish the sentence. He made one of the funniest faces I had ever seen. I wanted to take a picture and turn it into a meme.

“Yep, all down. Don’t worry, all of them are still alive though… I think.”

“You defeated all of them?!”

Rex pointed to Flynn with a condescending look. “Nah, I didn’t do anything. It was one of my adorable little pets.”

“Wait, those were his elite soldiers?” Flynn stood there, confused. “Whoops, sorry. Didn’t realize. I should’ve gotten you guys in on some action.”

“It’s fine, bro.” Rex and Flynn bumped fists. “You did put on quite the show.”

“As usual. My fighting skills are top tier.”

“Still can’t beat me though.” Rex nudged Flynn’s arm elbow.

“What was that?!” Flynn’s expression immediately soured. “Are you forgetting about our sparring match last week?”

The two started arguing, completely forgetting about Alfonso, who was still in shock over the defeat of his personal guards.

Anger quickly replaced Alfonso's confusion. The vein on his forehead was about to pop. If he was right in front of me, I would’ve been tempted to grab a small needle and poke it.

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of your foolishness!” Alfonso unleashed all the pent-up rage that stockpiled within him. This silenced Rex and Flynn. “If my soldiers can’t do it, I’ll fight you myself. Stay right there!”

The broadcast ended. All the monitors switched to an error display.

“I guess we have to wait again.” Rex threw aside the smartphone.

“That Dolomite dude was starting to get on my nerves,” Flynn added, while rubbing his neck. “I’ve met some prissy deities during my time with you, but he is by far among the worst.”

“No one likes that family. But did you see the lettuce stuck in his teeth? Dude needs to brush his teeth.”

The building started to vibrate. I lost my balance, but Rex grabbed my hood.

“Dude, really?” Rex looked at me as he stood there, unflinching. “This is nothing.”


Rex lifted me off the ground with one arm. “Damn, you’re so light. You really need to eat and work out more, dude. Even my sword feels heavier than you.”

The tremors increased in magnitude. Flynn balanced himself with his lance. Rex accidentally dropped me while he now struggled to remain standing. I landed on my face. As the intense vibrations persisted, small cracks formed in the floor.

“What’s going on?” I asked Rex, as I struggled to stand up.

“Don’t know.” Rex anxiously grasped his pendant. “But we really need to get out of here.”

Flynn nodded in agreement as he held onto his lance for dear life. “Yeah, let’s go already!”

We made a dash for the entrance, but the cracks spread until they encircled the entire room. As we were about to reach the staircase, the floor collapsed. Everyone remaining in the foyer fell through the floor. The floors below also collapsed, causing everyone to plunge to the bottom floor where Lord Aurelius’ office was situated, where Alfonso waited for us.

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