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God Game Webnovel | Chapter One: The Game

Chapter One: The Game

Chapter One: The Game

 I awakened to white. White in mind. White in reality. Everything was nothing.

 I gawked up at the sky, which was white as the floor and the world that seemed to expand infinitely in all directions. I only saw my body.

 Hard silver shackles were clamped on my wrists, chaining my hands together. Why am I chained?

 The metal links clinked as I slicked the dark, flowing hair from my eyes. I needed to think. How did I get here? No, I needed to discover the basics first. Who am I?

 I knew nothing about myself or my situation. My age, my name, my memories, all essential answers were clouded. Somewhere in my mind they existed, but for now they were out of reach.

 “Guess I need to look around.” My voice was deeper than I expected. I guessed my age was around the late teens.

 I examined my clothing, if that was what one called the skin-tight suit that clung to my body. It was hard, like metal, yet I could barely feel its weight. The suit was designed with horizontal stripes running across the upper body, traveling down to black pants, which was secured by a belt. My fitted shoes were made from the same mysterious material as the suit.

 “Waiting for something to happen doesn’t seem productive,” I murmured and started walking in a random direction. “How far does this go?”

 All around me there was nothing but white. I’m not sure how long I walked for, but it was an excruciating amount of time. Just when I was about to scream to the air with frustration, I spotted something in the far distance. A black dot.

 At this point, I was elated to see anything at all. I started sprinting towards the black thing. It was only as I got closer that my energetic dash slowed to a reluctant jog. Eventually I stumbled to a stop. My eyes widened.

 Crimson flooded over the white. A corpse, freshly slain, lay before me, a woman’s chest gashed open. Her dead eyes stared at me as if they still pleaded for mercy. I shuddered, feeling my stomach roiling at the very sight of such a horror. But the unsettling sensation quickly dissipated, as if I’d flipped a switch within myself.

 I fell to my knees. Where the hell am I? Panic started to rise. It wasn’t disgust or dismay at the cadaver before me. It was a fear that such a fate would befall me. What killed this woman? Why am I so calm about seeing a dead body? What’s wrong with me?

 “Did you do this, boy?” a deep voice called from behind me.

 I gasped, whirling around to find a large man towering over me. I’d been so trapped in my own thoughts, I hadn’t noticed this stranger approaching. He was built like a hulking gorilla with thick shoulders and rippling muscles that made his arms look like they were boulders crammed together. He had a grizzly beard and dark eyes that gazed over me and the corpse, unfazed by both. The suit that clamped to his body had the same design as mine. I noticed his hands weren’t chained together.

 “N-No,” I murmured, scrambling to my feet and backing up.

 “Doesn’t look like it,” the man said, nodding to the body. “She’s slashed right open. Don’t think you can do that with your bare hands.”

 “Yeah.” It was disconcerting, how calmly we talked about the dead body. “Do you know where we are?”

 “Nope.” The man rubbed the back of his neck and glanced up at the sky of white. “Don’t remember anything. Couldn’t even tell you my name.”

 “Same.” I nodded to his hands. “How’d you get your chains off?”

 The stranger tilted his head to the side. “Chains? I didn’t have any.”

 I frowned and glanced back to the body behind me. There were no shackles in sight. The woman’s wrists seemed to be unmarked as well. Why would I be the only one chained up?

 “Participants identified,” a robotic voice suddenly called out from above. I wasn’t sure where the voice came from, as there was nothing to be seen around us.

I caught sight of two slips of paper that descended from above, swaying before me and the stranger.

 The man snatched one and frowned. “Tengen Chou,” he murmured aloud. “Thirty-five-years old. I have three kids and a wife?” His voice was shaky now. “What the hell is this?” he shouted to the sky. “Is this me?”

 I grabbed the other piece of paper and stared at it. Reiyan Asura, nineteen-years-old, is in search of his older sister.

 Reiyan? The name was a stranger to my mind. But was it mine?

 There were only two pieces of paper that were dropped. This one couldn’t belong the guy in front of me. He couldn’t be nineteen. My chest tightened and I clenched my jaw. “Do we believe it?” I asked. “Reiyan Asura, I don’t recognize my own name. It says I’m looking for my sister.”

 “A sister you also don’t remember,” Tengen grumbled. “I don’t know what is going on here, but someone is playing games—”

 “Providing weapons to participants,” the voice came again.

 A surge of light rushed through my suit, rushing up my chest and into my forearms. Suddenly, the air before my hands shimmered. Then there was a blinding flash. Before I knew it, I was gripping a double-bladed glaive. The unconventional weapon had a long shaft-like grip, like a staff, with curved blades on both ends like crescent moons. The glaive, despite its great size, it felt light in my hands.

 I stared at my shocked expression in the reflection of one of the violet blades. I glanced forward and saw that Tengen was equipped with two sai, triple-pronged daggers, that were tiny in comparison to his large stature.

 We stared at each other for a moment, realization fixating upon each of us. The dead woman and her wound suddenly made sense. “You have five minutes to execute your opponent. Should you fail, your suit will release an electrical current that will kill you. Victor, upon your win, call upon God.”



 “Welcome to the God Game. Round One. Begin.”


 Then came the ticking. A colossal clock materialized in the air above Tengen and I. Already the numbers began to count down. In five minutes, we would die.

 “Hey,” I called to Tengen. He was staring down, his eyes wide with fresh dread. I understood the unspeakable thoughts that were racing through his mind. I was thinking the same. But there needs to be another way…

My heart raced like an unstoppable engine, yet my blood was chilled, my mind settled. Right now, I needed to focus. There wasn’t a second to waste. “These names, these backgrounds, we don’t know if they’re real,” I urged, knowing I couldn’t beat a titan like Tengen. “All of this could be fake—”

 “You think this is a prank?” Tengen growled, his voice low. He pointed one of his daggers at the body behind me. “That is as real as can be and you know it! Do you think they would wipe our memories as part of a joke? What about these suits that we can’t take off?” The calm and collected man that I’d seen moments before had vanished. Now his eyes reflected an untamable rage. The blades in his hands rattled as he bellowed. “Even if it is fake, right now this background is all I know. I have a family that I must live for.”

 I clutched the handle of my glaive and exhaled.

 “And you,” Tengen snarled, “are a boy that I just met in this hell. To me, you’re nothing.”

 Stay calm. I sucked in another deep breath. Let him lose it.

 “Don’t you understand?” Tengen was screaming now. He dug the front of his shoes into the floor and burst forward. The air whooshed around him as he charged me. “I have no choice but to kill you!”

 I could see his movements clearly. Visualizing his stab, I slipped to the side, watching as he stabbed into open air. Every movement was instinctive, I barely had to think about what I was doing. There was a passing moment as Tengen flew past me where I saw an obvious opening. To me, it was like a light was flashing in my face, urging my hand to whirl my glaive down into my assailant. Kill him, a voice within me hissed. Survive.

 However, I steadied my hand and staggered back. Why does this feel so natural? I wondered. My heart pounded rapidly, evident of the fear that truly existed in me. But the trepidation stopped there. My mind and body acted clearly, as if I weren’t combating a bloodthirsty foe the size of a horse. Even my handling of the glaive was natural, though my movements were limited because of my chained hands.

 Tengen twisted around, whipping his wrist. A sharp pain exploded in my leg. I stared with surprise as one of Tengen’s daggers rushed into my thigh, penetrating the armor. My blood spewed onto my suit and splattered on the floor. He threw his weapon?

 Before I could truly register the wound, Tengen was upon me, his second dagger already rending at my throat. I grunted as I ducked the slash and rotated my body, my glaive’s blade sliding across Tengen’s belly.

 The man bellowed and doubled over, grasping the hemorrhaging wound in his stomach. The blood spilled through the cracks of his fingers and he glared at me with acrimony as I limped away.

 There we were, two foes spilling red onto an infinite field of white, foolishly fighting for our lives. I dropped my glaive and reached down, prying the lodged dagger from my leg. An explosion of sickening agony arrived and I collapsed to my knees, gasping. Clutching the sai tightly, I started to stab rapidly at the chains that bound my hands together. Tears streamed down my cheeks. “Damn it, come on! Come on!” I screamed, the blade glancing off the metal with each stab. If I could just free my hands, I might have a chance! I want to live!

 A flicker of movement caught my eye and my body twisted as Tengen’s second dagger plunged into my shoulder, knocking me back to the floor. I sputtered, my eyes wide with agony. “You know, it’s lucky for me that your hands are bound. It’s a free handicap,” Tengen said as he limped towards me. He still clutched at the open gash in his stomach, unable to stop the bleeding. The man picked up my glaive with his other hand and stepped before me, a relieved smile creasing his lips. “And now, I can survive.”

 I regretted not claiming that moment where I’d spotted an opening to kill Tengen. As I stared into the dark voids that were his eyes, I understood that there wasn’t even a hesitating thought in his mind when it came to killing me. In the end, we had no ties to each other. I should be willing to kill any stranger, if it meant saving my life. Shouldn’t that be true in this moment of desperation? If only I’d killed Tengen when I’d had the chance … I could survive.

 Tengen raised my glaive, prepared to plunge it into my gut.

 It was then that I saw it. Like flames sparking on a tree, a flaring opening ignited. An opening where I could kill. Murderous instinct, that twitched my body from its paralyzed despair, began to usurp me. This time I let it.

 Kill him.

 Tengen jammed the glaive down towards me, but I’d already rolled away, the blade nicking the floor where I’d been. Adrenaline surged through my veins like lava. My body numbed its pain and I quickly leapt to my feet and charged forth, ramming my dagger into Tengen’s throat before he could react. His eyes flashed with surprise, but I knew that wasn’t enough.

 This was life and death. To have mercy, or even the thought of such, could cost me my life. No more hesitation! I swung around Tengen as he grasped at the sai, blood spewing over his hands and suit. I slung my hands over his head and yanked back, my chains snapping into his neck. I pressed my feet into the man’s calves, using his own body as leverage as I shifted all my weight backwards, choking Tengen with my chains as if I were trying to decapitate him.

 “Gak!” Tengen choked, collapsing to his knees, but I did not give up. Tears of pain squeezed from his bulging eyes, mixing with the red that marked his face. His head was tilted back and he stared up at me with a piteous gaze, grasping at the metal that dug into his throat. “P-Please…” he managed.

 I stared down at him. In my chest, I felt my sympathy for this poor man. He was a stranger that simply wanted to return to a family that was waiting for him. But I had my own life that I needed to fight for. My eyes held such apathy at Tengen’s pleas, that he already understood his fate even before I even spoke. He looked at me for a moment longer, blood gurgling in his mouth. Then he closed his eyes, accepting his demise.

 “I’m sorry,” I let out. I put my foot on his shoulder blade and ripped my arms backwards. There was a loud snap. Tengen went limp and crumpled before me.


 I watched the timer, which had reached its final minute. By now, my mind was muddled from the blood loss. I fell at Tengen’s side and slid his piece of paper from his hand. The white was smeared with blood, but the ink was still readable.

 Sighing, I slid it into one of my pockets. In my final free seconds, I watched Tengen’s deformed corpse, wanting to feel sickened for what I’d done. The only sound I could hear was the engine of my heart. It raced for its life.

 There was a beep. Five seconds left.

 I looked down at Tengen for a moment, remembering his face. Then I reached up and grabbed the hilt of the knife that was still lodged in my shoulder. A gasp left my lips as I ripped it out. The sai clattered to the floor.


 An evanescent light, like the explosion of a sun, flashed above me. In the moment it took me to blink the stars from my eyes, my wounds had kneaded together, sealing over the fresh holes that had been punctured into my body. I stared in awe at the mended flesh, running my fingers over the unmarked skin. The suit then repaired itself, the metal-like cloth sealing its cuts as my body had.

 My eyes flickered back to Tengen, but there he still lay. Dead and unmoving. What did I expect?

 “Participant 305,081 is the Victor,” a low voice came, rumbling like the ocean. The epic aura that radiated before me was unlike anything I could’ve imagined. It was as if I’d suddenly been hurled into the bottom of the ocean, the crushing pressure like that of a thousand tons. The power before me … it was something ancient and ethereal. It was something I, a mortal, would never understand. “Reiyan Asura.”

 I looked up and my eyes widened at the sight.

 “I am God.”

 End of Chapter One.

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