ClockBreak - The Deal Of The Devil |Season - 1|



Update every Tuesday and Thursday; with art for almost every chapter.

Recommended to go in blind. But if you want to read the blurb; no one’s stopping you!! Have fun! (⚠️Might contain some spoilers. Reading the first chapter would explain almost everything and with nothing that might be considered a spoiler.⚠️)


Mika, a confident nine-year-old living with her mother, is working hard to enter the army—at any cost. But when bad things are meant to happen—It won’t stop for anyone. The past eight deities of the land had committed a sin—staining their world of demons that leaked out because of it. Powers of these deities passed down to the next generations and none of them couldn’t do anything—until the current generation, who broke the norms. The unbreakable bond of brotherhood between them. Wasn’t so unbreakable after all! What caused that? Jealousy? Greed?

In the important yet losing battle, the current deities took an enormous blow, vines grew inside their foundation, causing the eight evil counterparts; creatures of chaos are so omnipresent in every page of the history books, yet no one knew nothing about; other than the aftermath of their deeds. They showed movements after decades of silence. Why now? Of all times? Is it to wreak havoc? To finish all of this, once and for all? 

Stuck between the political feud and the tangling doom, Mika was lost. Growing distant of the incompetent government of the deities, who did nothing when her people suffered. Yet, she had to work with the same deities that she hated with her gut, if it meant saving her people. 

She did the bidding! Balancing the weight of responsibility while playing with the jump-rope of time travel. But time travel to where? To where it all started? But something is sure… It’s facing these gods and the devils who rivaled those gods—simultaneously, all while being a mere mortal. Who would win? Will she save her people? Defeat these powerful beings in her journey? And first of all, how did she even get into this mess?

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