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AFK | AFK Vol.1 , Prologue

AFK Vol.1 , Prologue

AFK Vol.1 , Prologue


   “Eukaperok” or as I like to refer to this universe, a gangster’s paradise. “Eukaperok” is as conspicuous as the name sounds.

 Ignard is a god from this world who summons people from other planets. I was summoned to compete in a demon tower that disrupts his world every thousand years. In those thousand years a new demon king arises and causes terror and mayhem across this beautiful land.

It is then that he sets up a tower and forces Ignard out of his own homeland.

In the beginning, I was not alone. I was one of ten champions picked to help the God of this world and save Eukaperok. Ignard asked us to bring peace back to Eukaperok. The other nine and I that were spawned into this world worked together in a small group.

We created a guild known as AFK. “Away from Kin” is what we came up with. It was a friendly reminder of who we were and where we came from. The driving motivation of the guild was to get everyone home, but we also made a priority to help innocent bystanders along the way. Since then, only two of us remained in this long death march to home.


   My sword had struck the Demon King Kaiju. Like a battle-tested or a hardened war veteran, I could sense the end of the Demon King’s life. I had been through a lengthy war on the deserty lands on the tenth floor and it was nearing the end. All of the fighting, all of the loss, and all the sacrifices to reach this point had culminated in this killing stroke.

My clothes were nothing more than mere tattered rags of my pants and boots. I did not notice or care. My longsword had struck the heart of the demon who was kneeling in defeat. I showed him no mercy.

   “I guess my time has finally come to an end, huh?” The demon king said as he began to laugh in my face, coughing up his own blood. My only partner that has survived up to this point grabbed my trembling shoulder to let me know he was still alive.

   Magnus was a young Irishman with a crimson beard and hair to match. During our time in this world, he was my shield for my blindside throughout our battles together. He was my sworn brother. We had trained together, fought together to reach this point, and my life had been saved by him as I had saved his more times than I could count. Our bond was deeper than brothers.

   “Go ahead and finish this, Omar, I will go and activate the signal fire so we can finally escape this hell hole,” he stated coldly. He turned without another word and walked away to fire off the beacon of victory.

   Magnus walked through the quiet battlefield, the winds rushing him towards the signal fire. I turned away as he continued, back to the Demon King and his dying breathes.”

“All the lives you’ve ended, all of the friendships you’ve ended, and all of the hopes and dreams you’ve shattered. It’s all been avenged by the piercing of my blade, you bastard!” I yanked his carcass off my blade which had pierced the Demon King's heart. As I watched the blood pour from his fatal wound, I let out a furious, savage roar of victory.

“You have escaped death, boy,” the Demon King spat as he felt the last of his life draining away. “But remember this! And that is that you will carry these war wounds with you for the rest of eternity.” His words clung to me as I recognized that I truly would remember the hell I endured when I returned back to my world. “For me Kingsman, death is an escape as I will join my brothers and sisters in death. Where shall you go to escape the madness? Innocents' loss is never retained.”

In blind fury, I slammed my blade back into his bleeding heart which created another hole into his chest. I had not time to ponder his taunt, for fatigue and exhaustion had removed all rational thought from my mind.

His body slide from the edge of my blade, and, at my feet, now laid a lifeless corpse. I dropped my longsword as feelings of shock and relief flooded through my body. I fell onto my knees gasping for air.

I sat there in the blood-stained sand as the wind blew. The sky was an aura of magneta and a purple moon had appeared. I could hear the animals finally humming a peaceful, harmonious tune. The stench of battle had now faded from around me as I sat on the ground holding my hands together. My hands were drenched in the crimson blood of the Demon King Kaiju.

“Is it finally over?” I asked myself silently in my head while I was physically shivering on the outside.

Magnus and I had finally completed the tower of Kaiju. The tower that brought so many horrors into our once innocent lives. I finally got from my knees as I remembered that completing the tower meant we could go home. In joy, I stood up and began to walk away from the graveyard in the smoky desert.

“It’s finally over…” I repeated as if I could not believe the words I’d initially uttered.

The signal fire Magnus had built using the weapons of the fallen enemies for the completion showed on the tower burned into the magenta sky. It was now lit and I could see Magnus with his fist raised high in the distance. I could see his smile as I got closer to him which brightened the entire mood of my fractured, battle weary soul.

The sand quietly blue across the bodies of the fallen until all that remained was clean and appeared pristine. Changes in the world lightened with as if a deep darkness that the Demon King had brought to the land had lifted all the evil and left and the beautiful aura unfurled in the magenta sky.

 “We did it, Brother!” Magnus stated as he gave me a thumbs up. Tears of relief stained his cheeks as well as my own.

We ran towards one another like little kids and embraced each other. Overwhelmed by emotion, we could not hold in the tears from the loss of our comrades and our joy in completing the mission.

“We did this for all of them. The ones who could not make it here to this very spot we are standing,” I said as I continued to pour out all the pain I endured through my tears with my brother who sobbed with me. For a long while, neither of us spoke as the emotions were too raw, too fresh to allow any thought or sound besides our breathing.

“Remember what I promised you?;” He exclaimed at last, breaking the revelry of the moment “I would get you back to that pretty lady you told me about.” He squeezed my shoulder and smiled as he brushed the tears from his cheeks and regained his composure. The people I met here were like family, through all of the hardships and obstacles we’d faced. Our guild had each other’s back and now only Magnus and I stood here.

The end goal for the group that was brought here was to send at least one of us home. I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Looks like we were able to keep our promise.” I said to Magnus, but he had no time to respond as the sky above us started to change.

Magnus and I heard a loud sound and a pulsing blue light appeared. A door in the sky appeared as two heavenly figures walked out of it as casually as I might have done entering a new room. The taller of the two descended ahead of the other smaller figure; His broad shoulders straightened as he approached Magnus and I. Ignard, the God of Eukaperok, gave a sigh of relief as the soles of his feet touched the hot sand..

He slowly approached us while simultaneously clapping his hands slowly.

“My… My… I cannot say I am not impressed, for all your sacrifices and will to live.” He stated as he grabbed both of our shoulders with a smile.

“Overseer, a promise is a promise so see to it that these heroes are sent back to their world.” He said to the Overseer who by then unhooded his face to reveal himself. An old, frail individual who helped us along the way came as a shock to Magnus and I who had relied on the old man for advice more than one time.

Ignard turned his back to us and more of the surviving people from the war had showed up. They began to fill the warzone and Ignard and the people rejoiced in announcing his return. The people chanted our names as they looked at us like gods, but we were no gods, just mere mortals wanting to get home. We saved a lot of lives on the way and some of them stood in the crowd before Magnus and I, but our intention was to leave this world and return home.

“Omar is something bothering you? The tower of Kaiju is finished, and you are moments from returning home,” Overseer said in a bewildered voice as he turned to face Magnus and I once more.

“ The Overseer had been like a father figure to us in this world.” I grumbled. Knowing he had been working hard for Ignard the whole time left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Overseer smiled slightly as he put his hands together and asked if we were ready. For a moment, Magnus and I looked at each other and hesitated as we realized this might be the last time we see each other for a long time.

Part of the plans we, as a guild, had made early on was to exchange cell numbers in case we ever managed to make it home. This small hope became a driving force in keeping our minds focused on home and not giving in to the despair of how our numbers were shrinking and the difficulty of the world was increasing.

“Goodbye my boys, do try and live a regular life now.” Finally, we were leaving. As the magical light surrounded us, memories of all the pain I went through, the good times I had, and the adventure I went on hit me all at once. Magnus and I were the sole survivors of our guild and had beaten the tower. Even now, it seemed almost unbelievable that this horror was finally over.

“I guess this is it now, I hope you do fine without us Overseer.” Magnus laughed.

“He’ll probably be miserable now that the hideout is empty.” We shared a laugh and then the light overshadowed us. I could not see at all in the light but only heard the voice of two men.

“Goodbye my boys!” I recalled it being the voice of the Overseer and then Ignard followed with a startling phrase. “May we meet again Magnus Kelly and Omar Marshall…”

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