Abidan: A Venian's Tale



Vexor Abidan has always sought more to life than the strict upbringing given by his father and mother. As a member of the royal family of Tasanko Village, his parent’s teachings and values often revolve around the day he will rise to take their place as ruler of their people. Though he is aware of this responsibility, the young Venian Prince yearns to make a legacy of his own, oftentimes by means that go against his parents wishes. One day, however, an opportunity arises in which Vexor is given this chance with the blessing of his parents. With the diplomatic task to find another village or group of Venians and establish positive relations, Vexor brings along with him two close friends to accomplish this mission. Xedus Atticus, a soldier training in their village’s military, and Wrimbane, a map maker with desires for adventure of their own. On the day Vexor and his companions leave their home for the forest beyond, each Venian believes they carry all they will need for this venture. However as day turns to night, and the monsters that infest the forest are made aware of their presence, their belief may soon prove misplaced. Will they achieve their goal of finding others like them? Or will their planet’s unforgiving ecosystem be their end?
Venian Productions
ActionSlice of LifeSci-fi

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