A Second Chance!



Ever since the beginning of time, hundreds of people die from many causes everyday. This of many things is very common here on planet earth. Some of the reasons for death can be sickness, an accident, or most notably murder. But what if you were given another chance to start life in another world? The normal cycle of life was born, die and be reborn again back on earth in a different body. The one that everyone calls "God" is more or so the creator of everything and he was bored with this process, for his own entertainment he created a new realm that would serve as the afterlife for those that had an unfair way of living in their first life. Thus he created "Ethereal" or better known to most people as "The Second Chance Project" a world where many humans are reborn or otherwise placed into, where they must adapt and assimilate into this new world that had absolutely nothing but magic, monsters and many other things. They had to create new rules, cultures and philosophies. This new world is the ultimate dream for many with skies like the ocean with creatures swimming through them to many different species of people in a unique new fantasy realm that's up to them to discover. In this newly found realm some time has passed and it has advanced to have proper civilizations! Our story follows a young girl from New York that goes by the name of Tynaja Rainheart! She died from something as lowly as being overworked from her dead-end corporate job and now she got reincarnated... As a slime! Not only that but there was a game menu when she first arrived, something like an rpg that she played before her death. Now she is partaking on her new journey in this new magical world waiting to see what's in store!

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