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But I'm Not Just an NPC!

Isekai, Sci-fi, Action




Light of Command is one of the biggest science fiction VRMMORPGs, known for it's dedication to detail in the NPC mechanics and reality of the AI interactions. But the thing is, the NPCs are actually employees hired to be there, much like mascots in a theme park. Amari Katsuya is one of these many NPCs tasked with being a purchasable assistant on a crew ship, but his position is a risk when he begins to develop what he feels are feelings for his charismatic captain, Minato.
[ cover art by Machi Koshi ]

My Garden Shop Delivery Boy is a Shape-Shifting Fox God

Slice of life, Fantasy, Supernatural




The last time Inari, a kitsune goddess of the harvest, was in the mortal realm, the world was falling apart as humanity struggled against the rages of climate change and overworking the land and sea. Hundreds of years have passed and Inari feels it's time to come back. But in a different way. 

Naoki has worked hard his entire life to care for the land he was raised on and continues to vouch for ethical resources by supplying his city with plants and gardening supplies through his shop. When he finds a strange young man in the back of his greenhouse, Naoki gets dragged into a whirlwind of a situation he never would have expected.
[ cover art by Sera Execfia ]