Submit your best idea for a chance to become a

VoyceMe Original

October 1 2022

November 30 2022


What is the Pitch Competition?

The Pitch Competition is a chance for anyone to have their idea turned into a VoyceMe Original story. Our judges will thoroughly examine each entry, and then decide on a winner, who will receive the support of a full art team and have their story brought to life!

What is a VoyceMe Original?

VoyceMe Originals are stories published by VoyceMe! Originals represent the new generation of high quality manga and webtoons. VMO creators get monetary, marketing, licensing, and art creation support, making the position an exclusive and alluring role to have.

How To Enter

Form an Idea

The first step is simple, to enter the competition, you JUST need an idea! Create your vision for a new or existing story.

Turn Your Idea into a Pitch

Now that you`ve got a basic idea of your story, it`s time to turn it into a pitch. This is the most important step, so make sure to stand out!

Submit Your Pitch

Once you have your pitch, write down a more detailed summary of your story, and the prologue. Submit these through the VoyceMe website and await the results of the competition on December 10 2022!

Check Our Discord

While you wait, join our Discord server to view the rules, FAQs, and to chat with our staff! You can also join free classes, events, and workshops to get tips and recommendations, or chat with other creators of VoyceMe!


Pitches are best left at 2-4 sentences. Stay concise and leave the reader wanting more!


Summary: 1 paragraph
Prologue: 20 panels or less

Ready to Enter?

Good Luck!


This contest closes on

November 30 2022

and winners will be announced on

December 10 2022

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